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Official Examination Papers 2015 Edition - Advanced Rudiments

Official Examination Papers 2015 Edition - Advanced Rudiments

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Published: 2015
Publication's Style: Soft Cover - (9 X 12)
General Description: Examination Papers
Catalog Number: EX1503
ISBN: 978-1-55440-788-0

Did you know you can also have your practice paper assessed by a member of the College of Examiners?

Any student may submit a practice paper for assessment. (You do not have to be registered for a theory examination.) Your marked paper will be scanned and emailed to you so you can review the results and read the examiner’s comments. The results are for your reference only, and will not count toward your official examination mark.

Includes examinations from: December 2014 | May 2015 | August 2015

The study of music theory provides the opportunity for students to identify and explore elements already discovered through their practical musical experience and to establish the foundation for musical experiences to come. It also builds aural awareness, develops analytical thinking, and encourages creativity. In the study of Rudiments, students are introduced to the basic vocabulary and notation conventions of music—the building blocks of the musical language.

These books contain examination papers from the three most recent examination sessions. The questions contained in these papers reflect the requirements outlined in the Theory Syllabus, 2015 Edition.

These papers are an invaluable resource for students preparing for the Preparatory Rudiments examination. The questions will help students sharpen their skills and gain confidence in the application of their knowledge. We hope that this book will assist students in the successful completion of their examination and contribute to the ongoing development of their musicianship.

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