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Cedar Guitar Quartet formed at summer of 2011 in Tabriz/Iran and performed at 29th Fadjr International Music Festival in 2013. Their guitars include an Extended 7-string guitar made by Iranian luthier Hassan Dimehie in 2014.

  • Babak Rostami
  • Mohammad Motiefar
  • Payam Taghizadegan
  • Ehsan Daneshbod
  • I. Morning Mood
  • II. The Death of Ase
  • III. The Anita's Dance
  • IV. In the Hall of Mountain King

Manuel de Falla (1876-1946)
Suite El amor brujo arr. Babak Rostami

  • I. Introducción y escena
  • II. En la cueva
  • III. Canción del amor dolido
  • IV. El aparecido (El espectro)
  • V. Danza del terror
  • VI. El círculo mágico
  • VII. A media noche: los sortilegios
  • VIII. Danza ritual del fuego
  • IX. Escena
  • X. Canción del fuego fatuo
  • XI. Pantomima
  • XII. Danza del juego de amor
  • XIII. Final - las campanas del amanecer

Carlo Domeniconi (1947)

  • I. Molto energico
  • II. Lento
  • III. Con fouco

Andrew York (1958)
Lotus Eaters

Omid Zoufonoun (1974)
Cascade (World Primier Recording)

Roland Dyens (1955)

Django Reinhardt (1910-1953)
Minor Swing arr. Babak Rostami

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