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Celebrate Theory: Level 10 Harmony and Counterpoint

Celebrate Theory: Level 10 Harmony and Counterpoint

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  • ISBN:9781554408153
  • Publisher:The Royal Conservatory
  • Pages:240
  • Catalog Number:THR10
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Intermediate concepts including:

  • Leading-Tone Diminished 7th Chord
  • Dominant 9th and 13th Chords Sequences
  • Melody Writing (16-Measure Binary Form)
  • Sonata Form, Rondo Form, and Fugal Exposition

Engaging interactive approach features:

  • Step-By-Step Guidance to Mastery of the Harmonic Language
  • Harmonic Vocabulary Introduced Through Illustrations from the Repertoire
  • Exploration of Concepts Through Accessible and Familiar Examples in Keyboard Style That Students Can Hear and Play
  • Wide Variety of Exercises in Each Unit

Student success supported with:

  • Direct Alignment with Examination Requirements
  • Insights into Examiner Expectations
  • Clear Explanations of New Concepts
  • Concise Summaries at the end of Each Unit
  • Tips and Tactics to Maximize Each Student’S Potential

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