Clarinet Etudes Prep–4
Clarinet Etudes Prep–4

Clarinet Etudes Prep–4

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Edition: 2014 - Book
Publication's Style: Paperback
Pages: 33
Level of Difficulty: Preparatory to Early Intermediate
General Description: For Clarinet
Catalog Number: WCS1U
ISBN: 9781554406517

Level 1:
Etude in F Major - Friedrich Demnitz
May the Fourths Be With You - James Rae

Level 2:
Schnitzel Waltz - James Rae
Etude in C Major - Henry Lazarus
Etude in D Minor - Friedrich Demnitz
Moto perpetuo - Chris Allen
Etude in F Major - Friedrich Demnitz
Beyond the Mist - James Rae
Etude in G Major - Victor Polatschek
Etude in C Major - Friedrich Demnitz
Etude in F Major - Henry Lazarus
Autumn Clouds - James Rae
Prairie Lament - Ted Hegvik

Level 3:
The Bear Is Dancing - Ted Hegvik
The Demon’s Delight - James Rae
Etude in G Minor - Nilo W. Hovey
Latin - Chris Allen
Etude in C Major - Gustave Langenus
Strange, but True - James Rae
Summer Day - Leon Lester
Promenade - Leon Lester
Etude in F Major - Jean-Xavier Lefèvre

Level 4:
Soft-shoe Dance - Leon Lester
Etude in C Major - Friedrich Demnitz
Etude in C Major - Jean-Xavier Lefèvre
Etude in G Minor - Jean-Xavier Lefèvre
Swing Five - James Rae
Etude in A Minor - Friedrich Demnitz
Whole-tone Capers - Leon Lester
Andante - Chris Allen
Etude in D Major - Nilo W. Hovey
Reflections - Leon Lester

This new series offers a sequenced approach to the study of clarinet from the beginner to advanced levels. With a progressive collection of Repertoire, Etudes, Recordings, Orchestral Excerpts, and Technique, the Clarinet Series, 2014 Edition provides complete support for teachers and students at every level of study. Nine progressive volumes of Repertoire expose students to a wealth of music from the earliest works for clarinet to accompanied and unaccompanied contemporary compositions. Students will explore some of the most definitive solo pieces written for clarinet, along with popular folk tunes, Klezmer melodies, Classical solos, and contemporary compositions that incorporate traditional and extended techniques.