Classic Mancini - Download
Classic Mancini - Download

Classic Mancini - Download

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Classic Mancini

Henry Mancini gave his autobiography, published by Contemporary Books of Chicago in 1989, the title "Did They Mention The Music?," voicing the anxiety common to all composers of motion pictures. For no matter the long experience and the success, composers in this genre always wonder if what has been written for the screen will be noticed enough for anyone to comment upon it. After all, the art of scoring is largely subliminal – the music is meant to be felt rather than heard. However, in the case of Henry Mancini, it is an anxiety that applies less to him than to anyone who has ever written music for the screen. Even people who hardly ever notice music in the movies notice Mancini – in fact his is probably the dominant name that comes to the mind of most people when asked to name a film composer.

  • GREGG NESTOR, guitar
  • Robert Shulgold, flute
  • David McKelvy, harmonica
  • Francisco J. Castillo, oboe
  • Alex Iles, trombone
  • Dennis Karmazyn, cello

1. Main Title - from “Who is Killing The Great Chefs of Europe?”
2. Dear Heart (With Alex Iles, trombone)
3. Theme from “The Molly Maguires”
4. The Pennywhistle Jig - from “The Molly Maguires”
5. The Sweetheart Tree - from “The Great Race” (With David McKelvy, harmonica)
6. Love Theme from “Sunflower”
7. Pie In The Face Polka - from “The Great Race”
8. Theme for the Losers - from “Visions Of Eight”
9. Theme from “The Thorn Birds”
10. Meggie’s Theme - from “The Thorn Birds” (With Francisco J. Castillo, oboe/English horn)
11. Mancini Chases Mancini Punch and Judy (Charade)
Shades of Sennett (The Pink Panther) They’re Off (The Great Race)
12. Blue Roses (Laura’s Theme) - from “The Glass Menagerie” (With Robert Shulgold, flute)
13. Medley: Three by Mancini and Mercer Days of Wine and Roses / Charade / Moon River (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)
14. Whistling Away the Dark - from “Darling Lili”
15. The Girl in No Man’s Land - from “Darling Lili”
16. End Title - from “Lifeforce”
17. Yasmin (Love Theme) - from “Arabesque”(With Alex Iles, trombone)
18. Suite from “The White Dawn” Seal Hunt / The Lovers / Hornpipe / “The White Dawn” Theme / Whale Hunt