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Connections for Piano Repertoire 5 Audio Download

Connections for Piano Repertoire 5 Audio Download

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The recorded accompaniments created for Connections by professional studio musicians reinforce the styles and double as useful backgrounds for improvising and jamming.

Click Play to hear samples of songs from all 8 books - Samples with and without your part:

  • First with Piano
  • Then without Piano

The pieces in Connections cover a wide range of styles—from swing to Latin and from hard rock to pop ballad. These pieces present many of the same challenges found in more traditional repertoire. Lyrical pieces demand tonal beauty, excellent balance between melody and accompaniment, natural breathing and phrasing, and pedaling finesse. More rhythmically oriented pieces require coordination, a deep-seated sense of pulse, and awareness of stylistic touches and accentuation. All pieces benefit from a strong connection to mood, movement, or image.

Songs in Book 5

  1. Scamp
  2. Moonscape
  3. Contra Dance
  4. A Summer Day
  5. So Easy
  6. Boxcar Blues
  7. Sometimes It’s How I Feel
  8. Palm Trees
  9. Floating
  10. A Folk Song
  11. Leaves Falling
  12. Back on Track
  13. Country Calm
  14. Daydreaming
  15. Rail Rhythms
  16. Strutting About
  17. Mysterious Stranger
  18. The Arrival
  19. Tap Dance
  20. Simple Pleasures
  21. Boogie Express
  22. Caribbean Mood

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