Contemplation by Thanos Mitsalas
Contemplation by Thanos Mitsalas

Contemplation by Thanos Mitsalas

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Contemplation by Thanos Mitsalas

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Works by Assad, Bach, D'Angelo, Gismonti, Iannarelli

General Description: Contemporary Guitar Solos
Catalog Number: 74619
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Contemplation depicts states of mind and soul, reflecting past, present and future through a prism of love, faith and hope. This is music is for imagining, thinking, and dreaming.

The disc opens with the lyrical piece Per Sofia (2005) written by the Italian guitarist/composer Simone Iannarelli. Per Sofia is dedicated to the composer's daughter, and is representative of the composer's romantic idiom. The work uses a unique scordatura tuning to create a refreshing sonority and exotic color pallet for the instrument. The main body of the work relies on arpeggios to create a fluid pace that is interlaced with a slower poco piu lento section. This same scordatura technique is used again in track 8, Lullaby for Sarah, (2003) where we see Iannareill's individual voice settle on a restful mood, full of colorful timbres and images. The language in Lullaby for Sarah is lightly jazzy with a contrasting climactic structure that brings to mind the struggle between stark realism and human spirituality.

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