More New Releases - March 2021

Ancient Airs and Dances - Suite No. 2 - Ottorino Respighi - for Guitar Quartet

Laura soave, Balletto con Gagliarda Saltarello
Danza Rustica - Jean-Baptiste Besard
Campanae Parisienses – Aria - Anonymous Mersenne Mari
Bergamasca - Bernardo Gianoncelli

In arranging these "ancient airs and dances," Respighi wanted to create instrumental parts that 20th-century orchestral players would find interesting. In a form of reverse engineering, guitarist Gregg Nestor has adapted two of these richly varied and colorful orchestral suites for guitar quartet.

Not able to think about anything else but Guitar Quartets?

A Straight Up Classic for anyone developing arranging, composing, and improvising skills

Chord Play is ideal for anyone who wants to create their own piano arrangements in a number of styles including classical, jazz, and popular. With Chord Play, pianists of all ages and levels will discover that arranging at the piano is not only a practical skill, but also an art!

Scale Mastery eBook Edition
A comprehensive guide to the fingerboard that entrains theory while building technique.

Includes 262 Scales in both standard notation and tablature, chord diagrams for all scales, and an in-depth tutorial on Major, Natural, Harmonic, Melodic, and all 7 Modal Scales.

The material here helps students further develop their ability to read, play better technically and improvise in any and all keys. For teachers it is a reference book that will aid in answering questions regarding fundamental scale theory and reading in the higher positions. Professional players of all styles of music may find new resources here that will expand their technique and inventiveness.

Sets and Collections for all instruments and Theory editions

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Clear Note eBooks
(digital music reader editions)

3/28/2021 - and we continue adding new titles to our new eBook music reader.
Development continues on iPad editions, but they are not ready yet.
For now PCs, Android Tablets and Smart Phones.

Clear Note eBooks are being developed for any size computer monitor, Android tablets, and smart phones.

We are building eBooks for:

published music scores
textbooks with music examples
music scores with audio play-along for ensembles from duets to concertos

We are also testing on the iBooks platform.

Hello Fellow Musicians,

Our hearts go out to all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m writing to assure you that Clear Note will remain open through these challenging times. Supplying printed books, services, and media, for clients, customers, teachers, and students is as important as ever. With many of us studying and teaching from home, ready access to repertoire, studies, music theory, technique, and supporting audio is critical over the coming months.

We're aware of the difficulties related to learning and growing as musicians at this time, and we completely understand the financial challenges this pandemic presents for us all. With this in mind we're discounting many Royal Conservatory of Music editions until further notice. Additional series are also at reduced prices as allowed.

Thank you for your business as we all work hard to navigate through these challenging times. If you have any questions or need any help feel free to reach out to us through the Contact Us link on our website.

Be Smart! Be considerate! Be safe. We are here and ready to help you stay connected and engaged with the music you love.

Wishing you safe passage,
Karl Wolff & Janet Best,
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