Dancing On Air Audio Download
Dancing On Air Audio Download

Dancing On Air Audio Download

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Dancing On Air

The guitar has long been associated with folk music and composers over the centuries have been indebted to folk songs. One only has to think of Schubert, Liszt, Tchaikovsky, Bartók, Dvorák, Vaughan Williams, Rodrigo, etc., to realise the extent of this umbilical relationship between so called “art” music and the folkloric. On this recording the two cultural streams, that of folk and the other of the concert hall, are juxtaposed, some of the pieces being straightforwardly “folk”, the rest examples of how contemporary composers have enthusiastically used the resources of their national heritage.

HEBRAIC SUITE arranged by Gregg Nestor
1. The Rabbi Wants Us to be Merry
2. A Flame Is Burning
3. A Letter to Mother
4. Hassidic Dance
5. My Yiddische Momma
6. Inconsolable
7. Chave!

SUITE IN MODO POLONICO - Alexandre Tansman
8. Branle (Entrée)
9. Gaillarde
10. Kujawiak (Mazurka Lente)
11. Tempo de Polonaise
12. Kolysanka No. 1
13. Mazurka
14. Reverie
15. Alla Polacca
16. Kolysanka No. 2
17. Oberek (Mazurka Vive)

18. GREENSLEEVES - arranged by John Duarte

ENGLISH SUITE, Op. 31 John Duarte
19. Prelude
20. Folk Song
21. Round Dance

22. IRISH TUNE-THE LONDONDERRY AIR - arranged by Gregg Nestor

SUITE PIEMONTESE, Op. 46 John Duarte
23. Pastorale
24. Canzona
25. La Danza

26. HABAÑERA Eduardo Sáinz de la Maza

Molto lirico
Vivo e con forza
Alla Sarabanda
Con bravura
Con delicatezza