Guitar Fingerboard Mastery eBook
Guitar Fingerboard Mastery eBook

Guitar Fingerboard Mastery eBook

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Guitar Fingerboard Mastery eBook

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  • 262 Scales Starting On Every Note - In Every Key
  • Scale Plus Triad Arpeggios for each Scale
  • Right Hand Arpeggio Exercises
  • Chord Diagrams for all Scales and Modes
  • Extended 2 + Octave Arpeggio Exercises

The major and melodic minor scales are the underlying foundations of most of the musical passages that we play. They are present in classical music, folk music, popular music and jazz. To play an instrument well, including guitar, it helps to become adept at playing the major and minor scales in any key, better still, starting on any note in any key.

The concepts behind this book are founded on the essential building blocks used by composers of all music. I have found that these exercises, when practiced regularly on guitar, develop both theoretical understanding and technical ability. I hope they will be useful to you as you grow through your exploration of music.

Karl Wolff - Ithaca, NY - September 2002

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