3 New Updates About Digital Membership and Shipping Costs - November 2023 


 1. Curious about shipping costs? Especially for international orders? 

To determine the shipping cost, our website needs to know where you are, and what editions you're ordering.

The best way to determine the shipping for an order is to put the books you're interested in, in the Clear Note shopping cart, then proceed to checkout. You don't need to complete the checkout process to see what the shipping cost would be. 

 2. Would you like digital copies of Clear Note editions? (Shipping charges are refunded for this type of order)

You can also order a digital copy of the Clear Note books you want, through our DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP program. 

To make a DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP purchase, simply place an order through your account on our website, and type or paste DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP in the comment box on your order. Check out as usual, you'll notice you're charged shipping. We create your watermark PDF scores and send them to the email address you provide in your account, then once we hear back from you, that you got everything okay, we issue a full refund for the shipping charge.  

 3. Do you want both a DIGITAL edition and a PRINTED SCORE? (Shipping charges are not refunded for this type of order)

A PDF can be combined with the purchase of a print edition. Place DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP and PRINTED SCORE in the comment box if you want both. We create your watermark PDF, send that to your email, and mail you the printed books.

 I hope this answers your questions about any shipping concerns you have.