Latin American Serenade
Latin American Serenade

Latin American Serenade

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Latin American Serenade

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The guitar music of Latin America is as rich and varied as the influences that have inspired it. Latin history is interwoven with the beauty and nuance of two predominant languages – Spanish and Portuguese – as well as hundreds of regional cultures that have provided both its artistic variety and vitality. Nowhere is this more manifest than in its music.

Gregg Nestor takes us on a musical journey to a number of Latin American points of interest, amply demonstrating why this repertoire is a treasure for classical guitarists.

1. Aruanda (arr. Paulinho Nogueira / Luis Zea) Carlos Lyra
2. Canto du Osanha (arr. Luis Zea) Baden Powell
3. Natalia Antonio Lauro
4. Three Venezuelan Waltzes: (El Negrito) Antonio Lauro
5. Three Venezuelan Waltzes: (La Gatica) Antonio Lauro
6. Three Venezuelan Waltzes: (La Petronila) Antonio Lauro
7. Estrellita (arr. Gregg Nestor) Manuel Ponce
8. Juliana Antonio Lauro
9. Variations on a Venezuelan Children’s Song Antonio Lauro
10. Scherzino Mexicano Manuel Ponce
11. Contrastes Brazilianos No. 1: (Delicioso) Mario Gangi
12. Contrastes Brazilianos No. 2: (Panoramica) Mario Gangi
13. Sons de Carilhoes João Pernambuco
14. Braziliance: (Choro) Laurindo Almeida
15. Aire de Joropo Benito Canonico
16. Venezuelan Waltz #1: (Melancolia) Rodrigo Riera
17. Venezuelan Waltz #2: (Monotonia) Rodrigo Riera
18. Venezuelan Waltz #3: (Nostalgia) Rodrigo Riera
19. Venezuelan Waltz #4: (Nando Riera) Rodrigo Riera
20. Three Venezuelan Pieces: (Aire Criollo) Carlos Atilano
21. Three Venezuelan Pieces: (Cancion) Carlos Atilano
22. Three Venezuelan Pieces: (Valse) Carlos Atilano
23. El Vals de Gregorio (written for Gregg Nestor) Carlos Atilano
24. Tríptico: (Angostura) Antonio Lauro
25. Tríptico: (Madrugada) Antonio Lauro
26. Tríptico: (La Negra) Antonio Lauro
27. Maxixe Agustin Barrios Mangore
28. El Marabino Antonio Lauro
29. Seis Por Derecho Antonio Lauro