Livre de guitarre by Henry Grenerin
Livre de guitarre by Henry Grenerin

Livre de guitarre by Henry Grenerin

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Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Pages: 109
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: 16 Baroque Dance Suites
Catalog Number: 74451

Henry Grenerin (c. 1625-c. 1700) is mentioned as a musicien de la chambre du Roi as early as 1641. It is recorded that he played in court ballets such as Ballet de Psyche in 1656 and Ballet de l'impatience in 1661. In 1668 Grenerin published Livre de theorbe contenant plusieurs pieces, a collection of music for theorbo with instructions on how to play continuo. His book of guitar tablature, Livre de guitarre (Paris, 1680), was dedicated to the Prince de Conty. The Prince de Conty had been one of the leaders of the 'frondes' which was a revolt against Anne of Austria (the mother of Louis XIV) and her minister Cardinal Mazarin. The story of this rebellion is told in a most compelling manner by Voltaire in his book The Age of Louis XIV. This series of uprisings was over by 1654, and one could presume that the Prince de Conty was on good terms with the royal family by the time Grenerin dedicated the book to him in 1680.

Grenerin's book of tablature for the guitar consists of sixteen solo suites for guitar and also some pieces for instrumental and vocal ensembles. Following the ensemble pieces are Grenerin's instructions for playing continuo on the guitar. This book also includes notes on the performance of Grenerin's music. These notes to the reader are very concise, and it is mainly a guide to the symbols he used to indicate ornaments.