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Man In The Moon by Randall Avers - CD

Man In The Moon by Randall Avers - CD

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Man In The Moon CD by Randall Avers


Man in the Moon covers 40 years of innovative and emotional guitar solos by jazz legend Ralph Towner.

Randall Avers plays beautifully on this landmark recording tribute to a modern master.

  • 1 Les Douzilles
  • 2 Simone
  • 3 Suite for Guitar: I - Mevlana Etude
  • 4 Suite for Guitar: II - Caminata
  • 5 Suite for Guitar: III - The Juggler's Etude
  • 6 Always by your Side
  • 7 Turning of the Leaves
  • 8 Madeleine Variations: I - Prelude
  • 9 Madeleine Variations: II - Allegro
  • 10 Madeleine Variations: III - Grazioso
  • 11 Madeleine Variations: IV - Lento
  • 12 Madeleine Variations: V - Plaintive, but resolute
  • 13 Green and Golden

Guitarist and composer Ralph Towner has made an indelible imprint on the American musical landscape in a way that few contemporary musicians have been able to. Though the legacy of his compositional influence has almost developed subliminally during the enduring march of his career, history has rightfully begun to acknowledge the incredible breadth and depth of his artistic contributions to both classical and jazz idioms. Classically trained on the guitar in his youth by Karl Scheit in Vienna, Towner’s more immediate destiny in the 1970s was not to influence classical music, but rather the evolving sub-genres of jazz during a time of intense creativity which saw the birth of such diverse forms as fusion and chamber jazz. Towner was a renegade among his jazz peers in his choice of classical and 12-string guitars to craft together skittering but beautiful melodies with unusual chord voicings, as well as in his ability to coalesce elements of jazz and classical music into hybrids of acoustic and epic musical dramas.

Towner’s first forum to realize this new music was the ensemble “Oregon,” made up of like-minded virtuoso musicians (Paul McCandless on oboe, Glen Moore on bass, Collin Walcott and later Trilok Gurtu and most recently Mark Walker on percussion) who were willing to embrace elements of folk, world and free-form improvisation into their unique brand of acoustic jazz. Side projects with jazz luminaries Gary Burton and John Abercrombie followed, and later Towner’s skill and ease with the solo format took firm root with the 1979 release of Solo Concert – a live and extemporaneous statement of his arrival as a brilliant soloist. No one had yet similarly synthesized classical contrapuntal composition and oddly-metered jazz, and the form was to become his trademark. His many solo recordings which followed, including Blue Sun, Open Letter, Anthem, Ana and Timeline set a high watermark for clarity of guitar tone while faithfully capturing Towner’s inimitable and nearly sacred touch on the instrument.

Randall Avers, composer, guitarist, and educator, became a protégé of Towner’s, when he was granted a two-year stipend by the Norwegian government to study Towner’s music, and make this recording; a collection of classic and entirely new solo guitar works written by Ralph Towner.

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