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Our Old House by Dimitris Kotronakis - CD

Our Old House by Dimitris Kotronakis - CD

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Our Old House

The title track for this recording, Our Old House, was inspired by childhood memories: the neighborhood where I grew up, the unpaved streets, the run-down houses, the church, the coffee house, the school, and a little further away, the open fields where I played football with my friends. Often, in the evening after dinner, I would take out my guitar and accompany my father and sister, who sang songs like Paloma and You are always in my Heart. These, and many other old songs enveloped my young life in a kind of magical shroud, and they continue to enchant me even now.

Like Our Old House, many of these pieces in this recording are linked to experiences from various times of my life. I remember for instance traveling to Moscow in 1980, and how moved I was by the Russian melodies and songs I heard there. This led to my writing Moscow 1980 after returning home to Athens.

Lullaby is a song I wrote when my sister gave birth to her first child. She was a magnificent soprano, who had to abandon her career in order to concentrate on motherhood and family.

A Night in San Telmo, Alma Latina, Habanera, and Aphrodite’s Tango were born out of the influences I was exposed to as a teenager, listening to a radio station that played Latin American music.

Hommage to Amalia Rodriguez is a piece I wrote to honor my favorite singer, whose voice never fails to stir my heart. A similar case is of course Hommage to Astor Piazzolla.

Ballet Course was originally written for a pianist friend of mine who was an accompanist at a ballet school in Athens. I've arranged the piece for guitar trio for this recording.

Morning Spring was commissioned by the “Difonon” duo, namely Panagiotis Drakos and Giorgos Mastrogiannopoulos, who play in the album. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

And finally, Etude No. 1 was written especially for the great virtuoso guitarist Dimitris Kotronakis, to whom this album is dedicated.

A special thank-you goes to the excellent guitarist Panagiotis Lambropoulos for participating, and to the people at Clear Note, who showed such faith in my work.

Kostas Milonas - Athens - 2011

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