Piano Repertoire Level 5 - Sixth Edition
Piano Repertoire Level 5 - Sixth Edition

Piano Repertoire Level 5 - Sixth Edition

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The Celebration Series, Sixth Edition will inspire students at every level with its comprehensive collection of graded repertoire and etudes. Carefully curated and edited to support teachers and students in artistic and technical development, this 22-book series provides an engaging compilation of music—from beloved classics to newly commissioned works. New to this series are never-before published works from popular Canadian and US composers that will enhance the musical journey. Each book includes high-quality recordings, easily accessible online, to inspire students and teachers.


List A: Baroque Repertoire

  • Fantasia in C Major - Georg Philipp Telemann
  • Menuet in E Major - Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Sonata in D Minor, K 34 - Domenico Scarlatti
  • Scherzo in C Major - Johann Ludwig Krebs
  • Boree in B flat Major - Richard Jones
  • Menuet in G Minor, BWV 842 - Johann Sebastian Bach

List B: Classical and Classical-style Repertoire

  • Sonatina in F Major, Anh. 5, no. 2 (I, II: Rondo) - Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Sonatina in C Major, op. 36, no. 3 (III) - Muzio Clementi
  • Sonatina in A Minor, op. 214, no. 4 (I, II, III) - Cornelius Gurlitt
  • Sonatina in G Major (III) - Jean Thodore Latour
  • Romance in G, op. 52, no. 4 - Johann Nepomuk Hummel

List C: Romantic, 20th-, and 21st-century Repertoire

  • Siciliano, op. 68, no. 11 - Robert Schumann
  • No Worries - Elissa Milne
  • Sunset in Rio - Mike Springer
  • You and I - Tom Gerou
  • March of the Tin Soldiers, op. 25, no. 1 - Genari Karganov
  • Dedication, op. 1, no. 1 - Enrique Granados
  • Melancholy Reflections - Mike Schoenmehl
  • Scamp - Christopher Norton
  • A Slow Waltz, op. 39, no. 23 - Dmitri Kabalevsky
  • Blue Mood - William Gillock
  • When Rivers Flowed on Mars - Nancy Telfer
  • Teasing Song - Bela Bartok

The Repertoire books provide students with a wide selection of outstanding pieces. This series provides a representative collection of repertoire from the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary style periods. With composers from more than 20 countries, these volumes are the ultimate resource for examinations, recitals, festivals, competitions, auditions, and personal enjoyment.

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