RetroMusing Guitar Quartet by Rex Willis
RetroMusing Guitar Quartet by Rex Willis

RetroMusing Guitar Quartet by Rex Willis

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RetroMusing: The nostalgia of “going retro” with music and clothing, combined with the mid-century modern trend in furnishings, is inspiration for this new work for Guitar quartet (Guitar Ensemble). In this original-music-lookback to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s influences of folk, rock-ballads and quick-paced blues takes us back to “the times” with a musical language that still sounds fresh today.

RetroMusing uses both homophonic and polyphonic textures to give all 4 parts equal interest at a comfortable intermediate level, and was written with both youth and adult ensembles in mind.

Each part includes playing the main melody, some bass lines, alternate melodies, and a mix of accompaniment patterns involving call-and-response, echo-dynamic effects; all competing for the audience’s attention. Scalar patterns, harmonics, arpeggios, extended range from low to high, and ascending-descending slurs pull out all the stops in RetroMusing.

  • This edition of RetroMusing includes MPO recordings of the complete quartet plus the complete quartet minus each part, at both practice and performance tempos.