Rimas de Bécquer • Arranged  for  Violin and Guitar
Rimas de Bécquer • Arranged for Violin and Guitar

Rimas de Bécquer • Arranged for Violin and Guitar

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Rimas de Bécquer - Arranged for Violin and Guitar

  • I. Besa el aura que gime blandamente
  • II. Del salón en el ángulo oscuro
  • III. Me ha herido recatándose en las sombras
  • IV. Cuando sobre el pecho inclinas
  • V. ¿De dónde vengo? El más horrible y áspero

Isaac Albéniz's (1860-1909) name immediately conjures up his piano masterpiece Iberia and various works that have met their success in fine transcriptions for guitar and that are a staple of the repertoire for the instrument. But sprinkled through his tremendously active career as a composer and piano virtuoso, ensemble musician, conductor, impresario and piano teacher are his songs – over thirty of them!

These songs show a different side of the composer. More carefully considered than familiar light-weight salon pieces, they display a greater sensitivity and attention to detail.

The Rimas de Bécquer (Rhymes of Bécquer) (1885), like the poems themselves, are succinct works (the longest does not exceed thirty-three measures). The repeated rocking motion in the accompaniment of the first song, for example, characterizes the motion of the waves, while the frenetic arpeggiations in the last song dramatize the narrator's extreme agitation.

Together, these early jewels mirror in microcosm the development of his unique voice and style in masterworks that were to come and that tie him as a major musical icon in the Spanish Nationalist style.

We are grateful to Dr. Lin He, Associate Professor of Violin, Louisiana State University who contributed to refinements of this edition.