Solfege By The Numbers by Rex Willis
Solfege By The Numbers by Rex Willis

Solfege By The Numbers by Rex Willis

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Solfege By The Numbers by Rex Willis

A Movable Do System for Singing in Closely Related Keys

Solfege by the Numbers is a unique new sight-singing chart for training with traditional solfege syllables while looking at numbers. This highly effective approach embodies a pedagogically designed and tested method that leads students through the process of “connecting” scale degrees within the hierarchy of the tonic through the leading tone, that includes modulating to the relative minor and dominant keys. This approach more clearly entrains scale and harmonic theory while singing, which in turn strengthens and supports the sight-singing of melodies with sheet music.

"Solfege by the Numbers” gives me a new, visual method for teaching ear training to music students and has increased the number of students reaching successful skill levels. I usually introduce ear-training verbally, both explaining and singing, which some students begin to understand.

When when I use this chart, introducing scales and solfege visually, the concepts begin to click for more students. I can see it in their faces. The visual organization of the material allows them to organize what they hear in a way that pure aural presentation does not. With so many different styles of learning, this adds another great tool for helping students grasp the concepts and become successful in ear-training and sight-singing skills. If this aid reaches more students and encourages more success, then of course I’m going to use it! I want every possible tool at my disposal and ‘Solfege by the Numbers’ is a great tool to have in the toolbox.”

Don Bryn
Coordinator, Keyboard Studies and Music Theory
State College of Florida