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Songs from Micromusicals Grade 2 LOW VOICE
Songs from Micromusicals Grade 2 LOW VOICE

Songs from Micromusicals Grade 2 LOW VOICE

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  • Publisher:80 Days Publishing
  • Pages:34
  • ISMN:9790708157267
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Songs from Micromusicals Grade 2 LOW VOICE

Micromusicals are short (from 30 minutes to an hour in length) curriculum-based musicals for school-age performers. Most have been written by Christopher Norton, the composer of the Microjazz series, but some have been either co-written with Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton (Christopher Norton’s wife) or written entirely by her. The songs in this and subsequent volumes are from the Micromusicals series, which includes nearly 30 musicals.

Apart from the fact that they are wonderfully attractive songs, the appeal of these Songs from the Micromusicals comes from their range of subject matter. Shakespearean musicals (with some words from Shakespeare himself) provide some of the words, alongside historical, mythological, meteorological and anthropological themes! Christmas, World War 2, Dia des Muertos... the range of reference is wide, but many performers will have come across the topics covered during their school studies. So good music that has a link to the school curriculum - welcome to the world of Micromusicals.

1. Cave Paintings
from the Micromusical The Stone Age
2. Circle Dance
from the Micromusical The Stone Age
3. Do not fear
from the Micromusical The Vikings
4. Here is the child
from the Micromusical The Christmas Story
5. Look at people enjoying themselves
from the Micromusical A Christmas Carol
6. Maria Maria
from the Micromusical Dia de Muertos
7. Northern Ireland
from the Micromusical A Magical Tour
8. Theseus, my name is Ariadne
from the Micromusical Theseus and the Minotaur
9. What has become of my city?
from the Micromusical World War 2
10. When shall we three meet again?
from the Micromusical Macbeth

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