Songs of the Enchanted Island By Jane Christeson
Songs of the Enchanted Island By Jane Christeson

Songs of the Enchanted Island By Jane Christeson

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Songs of the Enchanted Island

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Wearing shorts and a white shirt, and carrying a little suitcase in one hand and the trumpet in the other, Inocente nervously awaited the moment to embark on La Flor de Maria, the small sailing boat that would lead him to the capital. He would leave behind the beautiful Margarita Island, where he had been born twelve years ago. He would take with him dear childhood memories of growing up next to his beloved grandmother Güicha, and of his first musical experiences.

"Chente" as Inocente was affectionately nicknamed, had dreams of arriving in Caracas and continuing his elementary school, as well as his musical studies. However, he spent his early years in the capital working as his brother's assistant in a shoe shop, due to the family needs. Nonetheless, as soon as he had the opportunity he enrolled in "La Escuela Superior de Música", where he became a disciple of Vicente Emilio Sojo, who left on him a deep and indelible footprint. In 1946, at the age of 26, Inocente Carreño graduated as a Master Composer.

From that moment on and to this day, his prolific work as a composer, educator, and orchestral or choral conductor, has led him to occupy an important place in the Venezuelan musical heritage. Throughout his career, he has been awarded numerous honors and awards of great distinction.

At the age of 93, Maestro Carreño continues to delight us with new compositions. In his own words, "Composing is a habit, just as feeling hungry, needing to breath or wanting to read. That's how I feel about composing. Sometimes I sit down to compose, and an instrumental melody with accompaniment comes to me, or maybe it's a solo piece, or maybe a sonata, but I always continue the next day".

Olga Maria Carreño

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