Tanja's Song by Robert Teixeira
Tanja's Song by Robert Teixeira

Tanja's Song by Robert Teixeira

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Tanja's Song was written as a birthday gift for my wife and cellist, Tanja Bechtler. The piece was originally composed under the Swiss German title "Äs Liedli Für Tanja" because Tanja was born there and the first performance was in Zurich but for simplicity’s sake, it is published under the English translation. As Tanja and I started performing together more often, the piece also served as a small addition to the limited repertoire for guitar and cello. Part of the goal was to treat the instruments equally with some melodic interplay between them. In other words, to write an interesting guitar part that didn't simply accompany the cello. The piece has a definite jazz influence both rhythmically and harmonically and thus from a programming standpoint, it offers variety when combined with more traditional literature. The piece, not overly complex, is quick to learn and quite fun to play.

The tempo of the piece was chosen while sitting at a traffic light with the melody comfortably settling to the click of the left hand turn signal, hence the odd tempo marking.

Special thanks to Tanja for her help with cello fingerings and bowings and for bringing the music to life!

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