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The Garden of Eden for solo Guitar By Apostolos Paraskevas

The Garden of Eden for solo Guitar By Apostolos Paraskevas

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Publication's Style: Soft Cover
Level of Difficulty: Advanced
General Description: Suite of contemporary guitar solos

"These five pieces, that are compiled together as a suite for guitar, represent a trouble-free compositional style of mine, based on melodic and most of the time tonal material. Although I write these notes, almost 11 years after the original date of the work, I find that in looking back I rediscover an innocent part of myself away from my current trends and obsession with the notion of death, which my most recent works deal with.

A description of the Garden of Eden is what this suite is about. Sometimes programmatic (Serpent and The Voice of the Lord God) at times romantic, (East of Eden's Garden) other times joyful, (Adam and Eve) and sometimes musically absolute (Life). Every single movement represents a small part of life in the Garden of Eden as we have read about it, heard about it, or imagined it.

From a technical point of view, the work is friendly for the performer and guitar oriented concerning the compositional technique. Fingerings and positions are very important for the overall interpretation of the work. These of course are provided.

Although these five pieces were conceived as a suite any of them could be performed individually as well.

Let us hope we'll meet there."

Apostolos Paraskevas DMA Medford, MA 2002

"The Garden of Eden: This is a programmatic work based upon the biblical tale of the Garden of Eden with five separate parts to it - Life , Adam and Eve, Serpent, The Voice of the Lord God, East of Eden's Garden.

Although each part is only two pages in length, Paraskevas has crammed in so much interesting material in every page that each one easily stands on its own merit and although the composer states that any of these sections could be performed separately it would be sacrilege to not perform the work as a whole.

This is an exciting new publication full of many twists and turns both rhythmically and melodically and could be one of the outstanding parts of any recital. The technical requirements are high - grade 8+ - but the rewards are high too."

Steven Marsh/Classical Guitar Magazine, September 2003

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