The Miklós Rózsa Collection (Music For Guitar)
The Miklós Rózsa Collection (Music For Guitar)

The Miklós Rózsa Collection (Music For Guitar)

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The Miklós Rózsa Collection (Music For Guitar)

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Few things encourage artistic rediscovery so much as a change in perspective. The music of Miklós Rózsa represented on this release has endured in the memory of both filmgoers and music lovers, its popularity confirmed by time; but in adapting these pieces for two guitars, in arrangements based faithfully on the composer’s original scores, guitarist and arranger Gregg Nestor encourages us to both renew and rethink some old acquaintances.

KALEIDOSCOPE, Op. 19c (1946)
1. March
2. Zingara
3. Musette
4. Berceuse
5. Chinese Carillon
6. Burlesque

SONATA FOR GUITAR, Op. 42 (1986)
7. Moderato
8. Molto Moderato, quasi Canzone
9. Allegro Frenètico

EL CID (1961)
10. Overture
11. Love Theme

Lady Hamilton - Love Theme

13. YOUNG BESS (1953) The King’s Diary and Finances

14. MADAME BOVARY (1949) Le Passepied de Vaubiessard

15. A WOMAN’S VENGEANCE (1948) The Boat House Waltz

16. PROVIDENCE (1977) Valse Crèpusculaire

17. BLOOD ON THE SUN (1945) The Tokyo Tea Room Waltz

18. GREEN FIRE (1954) Theme

19. MOONFLEET (1955) Bourrée

20. TIP ON A DEAD JOCKEY (1957) The Happy Idiot Waltz

21. LYDIA (1941) Suite

22. CRISIS (1950) Suite

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