Three Italian Gems Arranged for Violin and Guitar
Three Italian Gems Arranged for Violin and Guitar

Three Italian Gems Arranged for Violin and Guitar

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Three Italian Gems Arranged for Violin and Guitar

Publication's Style: Soft Cover - with parts
Pages: 17
Level of Difficulty: Intermediate
General Description: For Violin and Guitar
Catalog Number: 74626
ISBN: 978-1-62559-070-1

These three Italian Serenades, arranged and compiled for violin and guitar by Gregg Nestor, display warm and evocative drawing-room charm, suitable to a complete performance set or useful as individual encore material.

1. Mattinata (Morning) was the first song ever written expressively for the Gramophone Company (the present day HMV). Composed by Ruggiero Leoncavallo in 1904, this song was dedicated to Enrico Caruso, who was the first to record it with the composer at the piano. Ever since, this piece has become a concert favorite.

2. Composed in 1900, the Serenata "Rimpianto" (literally, "Regret") is the only work Enrico Toselli is remembered for, despite his having written many other songs, as well as tone poems and operettas. It is also one of his earliest works, composed when he was only seventeen. The song was so popular, Toselli himself made an arrangement for violin and piano. Arrangements for almost every other instrument and ensemble have been made over the years as well.

3. Gaetano Braga was an Italian composer and cellist. He was born in Giulianova in Abruzzi and died in Milan. Braga's works include compositions for the cello (two concertos, a quintet, a quartet, works for cello and piano) and several operas. The Serenata (Serenade) composed in 1867 by Braga, is sometimes called "Angel's Serenade". It portrays a dialogue between a worried mother and a girl who hears an angel's voice calling her; in the end the girl follows the voices to paradise.